There are three main components required for each project entry:


1. A Detailed Project Description

Whilst there are no particular restrictions on the content of project descriptions, entrants need to include sufficient technical detail. Entries that do not include a sufficient description will be disqualified.

In order to avoid unduly influencing the judging process, your description should avoid mentioning specific brand names, trademarks, supplier names or make any other references that could help identify the owner or origin of the entrant’s submission. Only generic names should be used. There is a section for project credits where you are able to credit others that were involved in the project that do now work for your company.

The online entry form will guide you through the following questions:

Please describe the project including what the client’s request was.

The project specification should be a brief  description of the project and should contain sufficient information to help the judges understand/visualise the project. ie. Where was it installed, located or used?
What was the project designed and manufactured for?

What led you to enter this project? What sets the project apart from others you did this past year? What makes the project unique?

This information will help the judges understand your challenges and solutions for the project.

Were there any particular challenges that you had to overcome?

Was there anything different or special about the solution you proposed and then implemented?

How did the project achieve or exceed the client’s needs?

2. A Project Summary

A 50-80 word summary of your project is required to be submitted with your entry.

The project summary will be used on the awards night to introduce your project, so this can include – fabric type/name, brief description and area of fabric.


3. Photographs/Videos

Upload up to 8 high resolution (up to 3mb) digital images of your project at various angles as well as one that specifically captures the overall perspective. If you have a video of the completed project you can also upload that or include a link. It is important to submit good quality photographs of the project. Please make sure there are at least two photographs that are zoomed into the high detail of the project.