ATA NZ, formerly known as the Outdoor Fabric Products Association of New Zealand, was established in 1988 with fewer than 20 members. Nowadays, the association has more than 80 members committed to excellence and awarded in New Zealand and abroad for their innovation and ingenuity. The association represents enterprises engaged in canvas fabrication, sailmaking, vehicle trimming and upholstery, as well as suppliers of materials and associated components.

ATA NZ, its Executive and its members are dedicated to promoting, developing and protecting the interests of the manufacture, trading and marketing of all outdoor fabric products with exceptional quality and to recognised standards, both nationally and internationally.

The association seeks to provide fabricators and suppliers of industrial textile products and materials with a forum for increasing their industry knowledge, developing new skills, legislation and technology, sharing experiences and the association helps provide a platform to network with other like-minded companies worldwide.

We work together to advance our businesses and our industry. When you join ATA NZ, we will connect you with a current member to help introduce you to the industry.

ATA NZ is affiliated to the Specialised Textiles Association (STA) of Australia and became a country chapter of the Advanced Textiles Association (formerly Industrial Fabrics Association International), based in the United States, in 2008.

Peter and Toni May
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