• 26 Mar 2024

Industrial Textiles Fabrication Qualification Review Update

The Textiles Qualifications Advisory Group have been busy this year working with Hanga Aro Rau to progress the new level 3 & 4 Qualification. MAST Academy will be sharing an update on where we stand with the new qualifications with us at our conference in Christchurch.

  1. Level 3 qualification: At final stages of approval with NZQA. We expect it to be approved by the end of March, and listed shortly after.
  2. Level 3 Skill Standards: In progress with NZQA. They have sent through feedback and Hanga Aro Rau is verifying response with Peter O’Connell before sending it through. We estimate approval of skill standards by mid April.
  3. Installation microcredential: application was submitted to NZQA this week. We are awaiting feedback and should have this approved by the end of April.
  4. Level 4 qualification: This is ready to submit and will go to NZQA this month.
  5. Level 4 Skill Standards: These are going through the final stages of consultation with the Technical Advisory Group. Hanga Aro Rau is using the feedback from the Level 3 standards to inform work on Level 4 which has resulted in a bit of a rethink of a couple of standards but it’s worth putting the time in up front.