Matt’s Motortrimming

Project name: 33 Ford 5 Window
Material used: Alcantara Italian Suede, New Cognac Leather, Velcro MVA8, Fastmount
Materials Supplied By: Reid & Twiname Ltd , QCD Ltd, Other

What did the client request?

This was our customers retirement Hotrod and possibly his last build. He
wanted something unique and comfortable with a 30’s feel to suit the era of
the car. He chose Italian leather and Alcantara suede with R&Ts Ascot wool
carpets. The customer supplied a seat and we upholstered it using a heavily
stuffed narrow tuck and roll. We made Leather wrapped panels to finish
the seat to the floor and a nice custom carpet using binding made with the
upholstery leather to match.

What makes this project unique?

There is a lot of detail and time in this interior. The customer chose high end
imported materials that worked well and the colour choice was stunning
against the candy apple red paint. We made matching heel mats to suit
the carpet and had to make the entire headliner from scratch using 6mm
plastic board, Then had to figure out how to finish the edges and attach the
headliner into the car.