Fabric Structures

Project name: Rotorua Aquatic Centre – Acoustic Ceilings
Material used: Serge Ferrari Alphalia AW
Materials Supplied By: Serge Ferrari

What did the client request?

We were asked to design, engineer and build an internal acoustic ceiling
to be positioned mostly around the pools edge, to compliment the main
roof above the pool which was a new ETFE membrane, recently installed in
an existing community aquatic centre. The architect required a seamless
looking sail solution which highlighted the contrast between the acoustic sail
membranes, Glulam frames and ETFE membranes.

What makes this project unique?

This project was complex geometry that we had to ensure was accurate
before starting on the patterns, then fabrication of the 36 PVC acoustic
panels. Then half way through the project an unforeseen problem was
discovered with a missing 16mm steel rail, meaning the main contractor
was going to be out of pocket and the client would not accept any further
variations. This meant half way through the process we had to move to using
one of our own extrusions to tension the project, and essentially committed
to be able to complete the project for the originally accepted price (less the
missing steel rails). This meant considerable commercial risk to the project
as the previously calculated quantities of the components were essentially
null and void, meaning we only had an end ‘total’ price to work towards and
make a profit from. Summary – At the end of the project, despite all of the
changes in scope and installation methodology, we made the same profit as
we had hoped to from the original scheme.