Shade Plus

Project name: Remote Design Excellence: Shade Sails
Material used: Z16
Fabric Supplied By: Rainbow Shade Products NZ

What did the client request?

The customer, hailing from out of town, sought our expertise in designing,
manufacturing, and installing shade sails around their home. With one large
deck and a smaller area designated for their spa, we devised a system of four
sails to provide comprehensive coverage. This involved strategic positioning
to cover specific areas of the deck while incorporating aesthetically pleasing
overlaps between sails. By minimizing site visits, we effectively kept costs
down for the client without compromising on quality. The resulting shade
sails not only fulfill their functional purpose but also enhance the overall
ambiance of the client’s home.

What makes this project unique?

The customer’s request for shade sails around their home, despite being
located out of town, presented an opportunity to showcase our ability to
deliver exceptional results remotely. What sets this project apart is our
approach to design and installation without physical site visits, relying instead
on photos, plans, and online mapping services provided by the client. This
project is unique in its seamless integration of functional shade solutions
with aesthetic design elements, exemplifies our ability to overcome logistical
challenges and deliver precisely tailored solutions that exceed customer