TM Covers

Project name: KMart Walkway
Materials used: Commercial Heavy 430 Knitted UV Stabilised HDPE
Materials Supplied By: QCD Ltd

What did the client request?

We were approached by the property owner to refresh the ten shade sails
we had previously installed for them over this high profile walkway.

What makes the project unique?

Each individual sail needed to be designed to a unique set of measurements
with millimeter accuracy to ensure they were tensioned correctly. Because
each panel was secured into rope track on three sides, the shaping of the
fabric needed to be perfect. There was no tensioners used, therefore the
correct shaping was critical. The fabricator had to utilise the inherent stretch
of the fabric and align this with the twisted shape of the structure. We had
originally proposed to change the design of these panels, this proposal was
declined by the client due to budgetary restrictions and the inability to get
the required engineering change made within the timeframe. We had to work
to the tight time frames given by our client and manage the high profile site
with careful consideration to the customer’s Health & Safety requirements.