Project name: Race Car Cover
Material used: Ultra Cover 600D Solution Dyed Polyester
Fabric Supplied by: Reid & Twiname Ltd

What did the client request?

The client needed a custom cover (sock) for his prized race car, tailored
specifically to protect it during transportation and storage. His requirements
were clear: he sought a cover that not only shielded the car from external
elements but also maintained its sleek appearance. Understanding the
importance of this project to the client, we delved deep into understanding
the intricacies of his vehicle and his expectations for the cover’s functionality and aesthetics.

What makes this project unique?

This project stood out due to the client’s specific requirements for a socklike
cover that tightly enveloped the car’s body and not the wheels, while
also featuring an opening at the seat area. We added a removable flap
with a zipper to facilitate access to the seating area. The client expressed
satisfaction with the cover’s craftsmanship, highlighting the attention to