TM Covers

Project name: Sludge Tank Covers
Materials Used: Sioen B6166 PVC
Materials Supplied by: W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

For this project, we were approached to design and fabricate covers to
be retrospectively fitted to 4 tanks that were the final step in the solids/
sludge process at a Wastewater Treatment Plant, and are used to hold the
processed Bio Solids before the material is sprayed onto nearby pine trees
as a fertiliser. We then teamed up with an Engineering group who had been
tasked with designing the frames over the tanks, and developed a sectional
lid. The design included a reinforced apex with lifting straps, two inspection
hatches and skirt with webbing tie downs to ratchets which were fitted to
the tank walls.

What makes this project unique?

This project involved resourcing of a fabric we had previously not used and
required testing to ensure that it could be fabricated in a way that met the
clients needs. Each cover was unique in size and needed to be individually
designed and drawn. The spacing of the attachment points was irregular
and accuracy was critical to ensure optimal fit. The location on site had
environmental challenges including irregular ground surface, odour and
stringent Health and Safety requirements.