ACD Group/All Weather Solutions

Project name: Whirlwind of Blinds
Material used: Clear PVC, Mesh, Sundream Charcoal
Materials Supplied by: Top Fab, Shann NZ Ltd, W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

Our client asked us to install some outdoor blinds on their newly installed
louvre canopy. They had 4 gaps needing screens with complicated
٭ Slim-line design – screens must fit within the framework of the louvre
canopy, and maximize height when rolled up.
٭ Weather proof – screens need to provide full protection from wind and
٭ Shade – Screens need to provide shade from the afternoon sun
٭ Privacy – Screens have to block out from neighbour and street
٭ Easy of use – Elderly people need to be able to operate the screens easily.
Some of the blinds need to be motorised.

What makes the project unique?

To full-fill all the requirements, we have decided to do a dual-layer design
for each gap meaning we have to fit two blinds within each gap. We chose 3
different fabrics to achieve weather protection, privacy and shade. Because
we could only use 2 fabrics per gap we ended up using different fabric
combinations per gap. The biggest challange was fitting two track-guided
blinds and using minimum head space, so when both blind are up, there
are still plenty of height under the blind. We couldn’t find a product on the
market to achieve this so we designed and folded our own brackets. Our
brackets were 100mm in height, which was smaller than common bracket on the market (135mm bracket). This allowed us to mount roller tube closer and hence significantly reduced space.

End Result:
With custom design work, we managed to fit two roller tubes with space
less than 170mm. and there is plenty of clearence between the two rollers.
This allows us to cover both roller tubes with a 170mm flashing. This was
equivalent to fitting two blinds into one large Ziptrak pelmet. Our custom
folded bracket also allowed us to swap motor side without needing to swap
the motor adaptor. This hence made change the wiring on site a lot easier.