Suncraft Limited

Project name: Over the Vines, Bannockburn
Material used: Saturamax, Soliday C
Materials Supplied by: Other

What did the client request?

Our clients asked for a shade sail to cover their north-west facing courtyard.
It was important for them to have a solution that also provided shade late into
the afternoon/evening. We designed a 50m2 square motorised retractable
shade sail mounted on 3 poles and one bracket attached to the roof of the
house. The pole at the north-west corner was fitted with a winch to operate
the height adjustment feature, which lowers the sail as the sun sets in the
afternoon/evening to give more shade. The SaturaMax has a UPF rating of 50+ and is water repellent, making it great for sun and
light rain cover. Our clients chose a light grey colour which complements
the colours of the house and the surrounding landscape. Automatic cloth
tensioning ensures the sail cloth is always sitting perfectly between the
connection points. The tear drop shaped poles hide all ropes, wires etc.
making for a stylish and tidy finish. Due to the location being a high-wind
zone, the system is operated by both remote control and wind sensor. When
wind gusts of up to 40km/h are detected, the sail will automatically retract.

What makes the project unique?

We entered this project as we believe it demonstrates how with careful
design, shade sails can act as not only a source of shade but also a design
feature. This particular project was planned to blend in with the architecture
of the house and surrounding landscape.