Napier Auto Upholstery

Project name: 1958 F100 Timeless Interior
Material used: Square Weave Black Carpet, 565 Graphite Black Cloth Audi Black Vinyl Black/Silver Cloth
Materials Supplied By: W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

Our clients vehicle was delivered to our shop on a car trailer with only a
bench seat in very used condition. The brief was it had to be black and have
somewhere to put our clients coffee. The client left the design up to our
professional skill. We decided to encompass the curves and multiple circles
found on the vehicle into the design while bringing in a pop of colour to the
black interior through the green found in the paint work on the vehicle.

What makes this project unique?

This truck was unique because so much thought and patterning had to
go into the project to get to the finished look. Ensuring the safety of our
client with the seatbelt fitting, to the comfort of their driving position, to the
timeless design throughout the interior. The attention to detail using all the
body lines and shapes already on the vehicle and bringing them into the
interior design requires true craftmanship and high level attention to detail.
Making interior coverings that were never intended to have coverings always
adds uniqueness to a classic vehicle and brings to life this old patina 1958
F100 for another 30 years.