Kolorful Kanvas

Project name: Ma Maison
Material used: Serge Ferrari 502 S, Oztech Retractable Roof System
Materials Supplied by: QCD Ltd, W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

Wanting to give their outdoor dining area a refresh, our client approached
us for ideas to replace the exisitng structure which was covered with a tired
looking metal canopy and previously installed screens. They requested
something seamless that looked like it was part of the existing building. Our
team proposed the OzTech Retractable Roof System, which we believed
would be the perfect fit to their request and more so to the surroundings
their restaurant was located around.

What is unique or complex about the project?

With the job being more than 80km away from our workshop, this was a job
that required precise planning. Numerous consultation meetings were had
on site with our client, designer and their builder. As interior design building work was also being undertaken, we had to ensure final measurements were crucial, as all interior design work being done, in built seating etc. was based on our measurements, we needed to set the footprint for their designs.

We only had 2 days in which we needed to complete this project, being
an operational restaurant, our client could not afford to be closed for any
longer. Working alongside builders, designers and electricians sometimes
made this tricky, but we fulfilled the request. Everything was prefabricated in our factory and then carefully transported to Bank Peninsula ready for installation. Planning and organising needed to be faultless, being over 80kms away from our base meant we couldn’t just “pop’ back if we forgot something.