Suncraft Limited

Project name: Inner-City Forest Hamilton
Material used: Austrosail Nano, Soliday C, Groundscrews NZ
Materials Supplied by: Other

What did the client request?

Our clients requested a shade solution that would extend their living space
by providing sun protection for an outdoor seating area, while also shading
the inside of their private residence in Hamilton. Due to large north & west
facing windows they experienced extreme heat inside their home during the
summer months and glare in winter but did not want to block out light by
closing indoor curtains. They also asked for the design to stand out as an
architectural feature of the property.

What makes the project unique?

This project was a standout for us this season due to how spectacular the
finished product looks. The incorporation of orange fabric not only adds
vibrance but also serves as a striking contrast against the natural greenery
throughout the garden, making the sails visually captivating. As the fabric
changes colour with different lighting conditions, it adds an element of
novelty and personality to the project, setting it apart from conventional