Hawkes Bay Trim and Canvas

Project name: 5 Window
Material used: Bharma
Fabric Supplied By: Reid & Twiname Ltd

What did the client request?

This was a special project requested by the client for his schooner. Built from solid 60mm slabs of wood with live edges, the squab had to follow the irregular curved lines of the design. A bull nose along the front of the foam had to be shaped as well. The owner wanted a fastener system that allowed him to remove and install the squabs with ease. As an experienced sailor, he knew about the shortfalls of hook and loop fasteners and was looking for a less obtrusive, long lasting system.

What makes this project unique?

With the foam installation, we had to follow the natural shapes of the wood. We also used the attachment system`s components in a rather unconventional way to achieve the clients wish of an invisible installation. It is unusual to be so deeply involved, from shaping foam to match a wood slab through the creative use of the Foam Anchor system to the woodworking and coordination with the carpenter. A very satisfying result and a happy client!