Napier Auto Upholstery

Project name: Ford Pop
Material used: Vinyl, Palomino Vinyl Box Weave Carpet, Light Neutral Headlining, Bralos Vinyl
Fabric Supplied By: Shann NZ, Other

What did the client request?

Our client bought a partly built project Ford Pop and he wished to put his own design to it. He approached us to help him complete the interior. He was set on the orange exterior and chose a shade of light tan for the interior trim.

What makes this project unique?

This vehicle was challenging due to the fact it never came with an interior from the factory it only had two basic front seats as it was a delivery van. The client wanted it to be a completed interior so we had to create a design that was aesthetically pleasing and achievable. One of the challenges was that the doors already had speakers mounted, arm rest and mounted on the door which couldn’t be reconfigured so we had to work with what was there. The floor in the vehicle is flat so we had to create extra large seat base bolsters to ensure a comfortable driving position. The seats are aftermarket tubular frame which posed a challenge to get the design the client wanted to actually work. It is very tight confines to work in as the vehicle extremely small inside and we wanted to ensure it had the most space possible. Using the lighter colour for the interior kept it looking bigger.