Project name: Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club
Material used: Ferrari 502 PVC
Fabric Supplied by: Serge Ferrari

What did the client request?

Our customer wanted replace a shade canopy over the existing decking area. They were using a couple of second hand canvas tent marquee roofs made by us close to 40 years ago which had never really been fit for purpose and were very ill-fitting but had served their purpose over time. They requested a newly designed and fit for purpose roof made but from canvas material. Instead we were able to offer them a bespoke design which has a fresh nautical look in white translucent Serge Ferrari 502 PVC.

What makes this project unique?

This canopy is based on a radial patterned formation with unique detailing making it a perfect fit for its a nautical setting. The design had to fix to the existing building and utilise the original pole support hardware. Designing the connection to the building provided a series of challenges due to a complicated roofline with several gables and an upper storey decking area. This required some detailed thought to ensure we retained good weather proofing while allowing light to flood the area below. Another design criteria was to ensure the overall height of the new canopy didn’t block the view for patrons using the 1st floor function space. The design needed to be manageable for volunteers to be able to pack it away at the end of the season and installed again the following year, training was provided to ensure the client had the confidence to achieve this.