Fresco Shades

Project name: Excellent Event Space
Material used: Ferrari  502
Fabric Supplied by: Serge Ferrari

What did the client request?

Our client was a previous customer. The new brief was to create a space for weddings and functions that was dry and provided shade over a large deck, a sanctuary for guests so they were sheltered from the elements.

What makes this project unique?

The main challenges were the different roof heights and a low deck to soffit measurement. The design had to incorporate the different areas, with two different starting heights, special brackets and two steps at different widths. In addition, we designed an angled fixed screen to the side. Along with retractable curtains, the customer wanted fixed clear screens to create a “balustrade”. She was concerned about children falling off the deck, and after a few wines, adults also falling off! Our mission was to try to find the smartest solution and keep within her set budget.