Shade Plus

Project name: Translucent Entranceway Sail
Material used: Diamond 700 Translucent PVC
Fabric Supplied By: Contender NZ Ltd
Designer Company: Baytex

What did the client request?

The client approached us with a request to cover the entranceway of their newly refurbished building using a commercial PVC shade sail. Initially, their intention was to provide weather protection for the entrance area. As the project progressed, the client decided to extend the shade sail’s coverage to include a courtyard area. The sail was attached with awning track over the entranceway to ensure complete coverage of the doors. Additional fixing eyes were installed on another building, and a 125mm Galv. post was positioned in the garden to support the sail.

What makes the project unique?

The project presented a high level of complexity, requiring collaboration with another OFPANZ member for sail panelling, pushing our expertise and providing valuable insights into large PVC sail systems. One unique aspect of this project is the choice of Diamond700 Translucent PVC fabric, allowing light to enter the covered area while still providing effective shade and protection. This unique feature created a visually appealing and functional environment that set this project apart from others.