Fabric Structures

Project name: Reotahi Whare
Material used: Hiraoka Sundream
Fabric Supplied By: Hiraoka
Components used: Oztech Retractable Roof
Fabric Supplied By: W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

Our client was undertaking a waterfront renovation project and was seeking a modern roofing solution to provide shelter from the elements when needed while also allowing for an open-air experience when the weather was favourable.

What makes this project unique?

The proposed system would need to be incorporated into an area with insufficient structural integrity and lack of elevation. We realised that the structure would either have to be freestanding or retro fitted into the roof to gain the structural integrity and elevation needed. We proposed a design that would be custom fitted to a steel support beam attached to the structural roof timbers and projected to an elevation suitable to obtain a favourable pitch for the system. A retractable roof system was chosen for its proven performance and suitability in exposed conditions and its ability to be fully opened or closed at the clients discretion. A semi translucent roofing material was chosen to allow for light into the southern facing parts of the home when the system was closed.