Duncan’s Canvas

Project name: Wouldn’t Know ’em From a Bar of Soap
Material used: Polystar Acrylic Canvas Planasol
Fabric Supplied by: Contender NZ Ltd

What did the client request?

A 1960s Morris Minor needed to be transformed into a soap shop which could be driven to markets for a quick and easy setup. The customer wanted a lot of detail to give an authentic old fashioned look to suit the vehicle. This included leather straps and fixing system specified by her. She needed us to organise the signwriting and we also had to invent and manufacture the steel frame supporting the canvas. The result is a modern covered wagon with options to open the side flaps into awning roofs using tent poles.

What makes this project unique?

A rolled galvanised steel frame had to be constructed to attach to a 1960s Morris Minor fresh out of the paintshop. The curves in the roof of the frame had to echo the curves of the Morris Minor. All reinforcing was done with leather and everything had to have an old fashioned look.