Canvas Barn Marine Trimming

Project name: Devocean II Thermal Protection
Material used: Sunbrella Acrylic Canvas
Fabric Supplied by: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC

What did the client request?

The owner wanted to replace his screen cover with something that would maintain the internal environment of the vessel at a relatively constant temperature year round while he is aboard and the boat is berthed. This would take the heat, so to speak, off the DC system he uses and minimise use of the Gen-set. He also wanted the cabin to feel light, with privacy. We designed this 3 piece insulated screen cover for the vessel so that it is easy to attach, remove and store while offering great insulation. This is achieved with a layering system of fabrics. The outer skin is acrylic canvas, in the colour specified by the owner, the central layer is a closed cell foam insulating product, and the inner layer is a light coloured flock-backed acrylic canvas. These are laminated with a bonding process. Using the fibre-free closed cell foam insulating material with an R rating of at least 2, while being unaffected by water was a game changer for the owner.

What makes this project unique?

This project utilises materials and fittings not normally associated with marine trimming. Thinking outside the square, we were able to source suitable materials generally used in industries other than marine, and use them in a way different to their intended use to give the boat owner exactly the outcome he was seeking.