Suncraft Limited

Project name: Speargrass Flat
Material used: Austrosail – Nano
Components Supplied by: Soliday System C

What did the client request?

Our customer requested a stylish, motorised retractable shade sail to cover an outdoor seating area at their private residence in Queenstown. They specified that the system should complement the architectural design of the house and not have too many external poles at ground level. They also wanted an easy to operate system. We designed a 50m2 square motorised retractable shade sail mounted by 3 points on the house and one external pole to ground level. We had to carefully consider how to brace the structural walls where we would attach our poles and not compromise the COR-TEN Steel external cladding.

What makes the project unique?

A unique feature of this project is the ground screw we used instead of a concrete foundation. The ground screw was drilled into the ground and our pole slotted in and fixed, ensuring no movement when the sail is opened and retracted. It can be easily removed should the system need to be moved or taken down for any reason and reduce the carbon footprint of the project by avoiding the use of concrete.