Project name: Omahanui Wedding Venue Refurbishment
Material used: Ferrari 502 S2
Fabric Supplied by: Serge Ferrari

What did the client request?

To modernise and revitalise a recently purchased wedding and function venue.

Our client made contact having already purchased the venue, asking us to visit the site and discuss any options she had to revitalise the existing venue marquee and surrounding amenities.

Our client wanted very clean modern design lines with none of the frilly, insect littered roof liners the previous owner had in place. There was a problem with noise egress from function events towards close neighbours and an outdoor covered bar area that was very gloomy to sit in, both which needed attention.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The original design was a hip ended tent roof, so it was suggested that we look at a more modern clear gable end roof design and add a clear custom gable on the 16m x 5m annex area to flood the space with light.

The previous marquee allowed significant amounts of noise to project out the front side of the venue during function events so we utilised a previously tested dual skin clear PVC gable and front walling system to act like a double glazed window does and absorb the projected sound.

The rear bar area was a very dark and had a low set tensioned sail, this sail had support poles up against the old marquee roof line and these then cantilevered over meaning gutters were required to keep the area dry.

We designed an integrated tensioned sail that followed the new gable roof line opening up the roof height and exposing the view to the clear gable and walls on the newly clad marquee. The sail was then tensioned out to the existing outer support poles. No gutters were required, the roof height was lifted and the bright white PVC roof meant the space was far more enjoyable to sit in.

What were the results of the project?

Our client was absolutely over the moon with the end result, the noise complaints have reduced to almost zero and the new clean modernised design aesthetic has really improved the venues appeal to her clients. She has seen a significant lift in bookings for the coming year following the modernisation process.

We have been back several times to provide advise and add improvements to the existing design as they get used to operating the new venue. These recommendations have all been taken up, leading to further business for us.

Our client also has plans to introduce an additional covered space with retractable roofs for an alternative sit down ceremony area in the coming year, another recommendation of ours in terms of its design and functionality.

Is there any other relevant information?

Although very simple in design, we have introduced a number of new manufacturing techniques and design ideas on this project to ensure the space met our clients needs.