Cool Awnings

Project name: Clark
Material used: Sundream H
Fabric & Components Supplied By: Hiraoka supplied by Helioscreen

What did the client request?

The customer wanted waterproof shade and privacy, to extend their outdoor living from the small conservatory that they previously had. Their preference was for two retractable roof systems, which gave sun protection but also rain and wind protection to cover outdoor area as they have two small children and wanted to be able to send them outside to play in all weather. They wanted to control each unit individually and they wanted to be able to close it in with outdoor blinds.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The project consisted of two retractable roof systems with different projections but sitting side by side.

Customer did not want a second post to support the longer awning by the spa, so we designed a support bracket to attach to the fence. The rafter was supported a metre back by the first post, so this was just to support the front, but still needed to be strong.

As the roof systems were running side by side, we had to match the fabric holding bar spacings for both (which mean the front part of the longer awnings spacing changed) to keep them both in line.

We spent some time on the design for the lighting and spacing to make sure the two roof systems looked seamless when in use.

Once the retractable roof systems were installed we measured for fill in panels on the LHS and RHS to give a complete roof ready for outdoor blinds.

What were the results of the project?

The result looks fabulous, the customer has privacy from the neighbours and room to kick the kids outside on wet or hot days. They have completed the project by adding outdoor blinds around the system and they are very happy with the result.