Matt’s Motortrimming

Project name: Chaise Lounge Scratch Build
Material used: Audi Nappa Ebony Pearl Leather, Barbarossa Florence Black Graphite Embossed Leather
Fabric Supplied By: Le Mans Auto Fabrics & Barbarossa Leather, Foam from WT Distributors

What did the client request?

The project was to be a one off piece custom made to to suit. We wanted a large piece suitable to seat 3-4 adults and long enough to lie down flat on. We decided the cushion could lift off and we could use the structure underneath as storage. We wanted some short turned legs. The overall look we wanted was a Victorian style with a striking gothic impact . We looked around on the net at other chaise lounges and chesterfield chairs for ideas. We found a few that were close but nothing that we liked every aspect of.

What is unique or complex about the project?

We wanted a nice soft comfortable feel but I was aware that deep buttoning generally uses a firm foam ( or more traditionally wading) to get the look right. The combination of softer foam and not a lot of experience with tufted deep buttoning made it challenging. When you have a critical look at most chaise lounges the back is made in two pieces. The back rest is separate from the arm piece but we wanted a nice wrap around feel with the option to sit nice & cozy in the corner. The idea of buttoning around the internal curve proved quite tricky and almost impossible to maintain the diamond dimensions & Symmetry. It became about making it look “right” ; while maintaining the dimensions & symmetry on both the arm and back rest.

We knew what finished height we wanted and looked for stubby full turned legs in a darker finish to compliment the black. We found some ideal legs on the internet sold by a small company in North Carolina. I have him a call to order some and told him I was from NZL but he refused to sell them to me. He said that being from NZL I should be using legs wth metric thread and his legs with imperial thread would cause problems going forward if anyone wanted to change the legs so he wouldn’t sell them to me. My wife ordered them online and we had them sent to a freight forwarders in the US.

What were the results of the project?

We are delighted with the project and have had many compliments and a lot of interest in it both online and in person.

Is there any other relevant information?

The cushion top of this chair was covered with one piece of leather almost 2 meters long. It is almost a complete 1/2 hide with just enough character to prove it’s not vinyl