Fabric Solutions

Project name: Flybridge Clears, and Cockpit Enclosure for Riviera
Material used: O’Sea, Planosol, Stamoid Top
Fabric Supplied by: Contender NZ Ltd, QCD Ltd, TopFab
Components Supplied By: Reid & Twiname Ltd

What did the client request?

The client asked us to replace there flybridge clears with a much cleaner look than his previous clears.

Following that we designed and built the aft cockpit enclosure. The client requested being able to have multiple configurations available for various conditions

What is unique or complex about the project?

The previous flybridge clears involved a lot of lashing as the main form of attachment of the lower sections, creating large gaps and leaks. This job then required a full overhaul of all the attachment tracks and fittings with the goal of a much cleaner look that was more functional.

The design of the cockpit enclosure was to complement the new modern look of the flybridge enclosure.

Multiple zip up sections in the side and aft panels allow for multiple configurations. New tracks and fittings were placed and installed through out.

What were the results of the project?

The client was extremely pleased with the completion of their new flybridge clears and cockpit enclosure.

They have given us great feedback about how different the boat is now while onboard cruising and have recommended us to other potential clients in the marina.

Is there any other relevant information?

The complete flybridge enclosure was patterned once and then completely fitted/finished on a single return to the boat.