Cool Awnings 

Project name: Everybody
Material used: Weathermax 80 FR
Fabric Supplied by: Contender NZ Ltd
Components Supplied By: Cool Awnings

What did the client request?

The customer wanted to provide retractable weather protection to restaurant customers in an internal courtyard, mounted to a historical building with crumbling brick on one side.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The location was in an internal courtyard. The only access we had were spiral staircase and small lift. As the awning was going to be positioned so high on the wall, we needed a scissor lift. But could only get one that was very small and could fit into the lift.
The awning and pelmet had to be manually lifted up the spiral staircase.
Once we got the awning, scissor lift and tools to site then the next lot of fun began.

The awning had to sit proud of vertical pipes, on one side, so special brackets were designed and manufactured with this in mind.

The mounting area was half old brick and half solid concrete. We mounted to the concrete on one side, but had to go through the brick and bolt through the steel framework on the other side.

Once the brackets were installed, we attached pelmet and flashing to the awning and used the scissor lift to get it into place, then we sealed it to the wall without penetration, all 5m high in the air.

What were the results of the project?

The customer now has a covered seating area for cafe, can allow extra seating for additional customers in inclement weather. Very happy and relieved customer, got further work out of the customer as a result.

Is there any other relevant information?

We were not advised that it was a floating tile floor, and one of the tiles cracked while the scissor lift was in use, thankfully at the end of the installation and not while we had two guys 5m in the air. Customer thought this was hilarious. We did not.