Fresco Shades

Project name:  Oaktree Kindy
Material used: Ferrari 502
Fabric Supplied by:   W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

This kindergarten already had an existing shade structure with a polycarb roof and some very ugly curtains. The owners had decided to tear down the old canopy, replace the deck – with eco deck, revamp the roof and gutter, and modernise the look with a new and larger canopy. The deck was very much an extension of the building, and the brief was for a modern looking sheltered area for the kids to play and keep a lot of toys and learning aids.

What is unique or complex about the project?

There was nothing standard about this project. The shape of the deck meant we had to worry about the change in height at the front, and angles, using laser squares and tape on the deck to mark the outline of the canopy before measuring.

As the deck was composite decking, our posts could not be directly attached to this therefore additional strengthening had to be done under the boards for our posts. Part of the front section of the canopy was designed to follow the angle of the deck and this had to be all worked out using 3D CAD software to get it spot on and foresee any issues that may arise.

Timing was critical – we had very little time to make and install – 7 working days, including special brackets being custom made. Builders working on site were there over Xmas and gave us little time to work on the canopy and get it in place before the kindy opened.

What were the results of the project?

The customer is very pleased with the final result. The canopy entire canopy installation now allows for separate morning and afternoon entertainment areas yet both areas are directly linked to create a larger entertainment area when needed.

Our client was really happy, he put us under huge pressure and we were able to perform despite this and technical issues. We feel we cemented an ongoing relationship – the caretaker has 3 of our canopies at his 2 homes, and has since talked to us about other projects on his list.

Is there any other relevant information?

This project was a good example of teamwork and determination not to let our customer down with a tight deadline. A team of installers, including the boss, worked on this for 3 days, including the weekend, to make sure the project finished on time.

Great attention to detail meant there were no issues with the installation as we had no time up our sleeves for any corrections.