Douglas Outdoor & Textile Innovation

Project name:  Hope Curved Canopy Extension
Material used: Hiraoka Sundream
Fabric Supplied by:   Rainbow Shade
Components Supplied by:   Pacific Powder Coaters

What did the client request?

Our customer wanted to exactly replicate the existing canopy in form and function to create a seamless flow between the two connected deck areas.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The new canopy span was to be slightly wider than the existing canopy due to the deck and hard landscaping design, the flat roof of the house where the new canopy would be fixed was at a slightly different level to the pitched roof area where the existing canopy was and the 90 degree turn at the corner was not symmetrical, again due to the deck design, particularly the access steps.

Particular attention was paid to the patterning of the two triangular skin sections at the corner where the new met with the old. Being asymmetrical care had to be taken to ensure an even and smooth fit. The tinted translucent PVC fabric was matched with the existing skin likewise the aluminium frame members and design.

The new canopy extension is less than 50m2, however, the entire combined canopy now measures over 80m2, providing a very large and usable outdoor entertainment space for a private home.

What were the results of the project?

The customer is very pleased with the final result. The canopy entire canopy installation now allows for separate morning and afternoon entertainment areas yet both areas are directly linked to create a larger entertainment area when needed.