Douglas Outdoor & Textile Innovation

Project name:  Stanton Boat Cover     
Material used: Recasens Nautimer
Fabric Supplied by:   Reid & Twiname

What did the client request?

Customer request was for a boat storage cover as there was no garaging facilities on the property.
The customer wanted something that was light weight, easy to put on and off, not too bulky, a good fit and secure as his property was exposed to wind. He also asked if it could be made to be used with or without the spare motor being fitted. He wished to cover as much of the boat as was economically viable.


What is unique or complex about the project?

After discussion with the customer it was finally decided to keep the cover as tight as possible around the rear of the hull and motor as this had a separate cover.

This required fabricating a separate cover for the spare motor mounting bracket so that the cover could be used with the spare motor fitted if required. He advised us that he already had separate motor covers so did not need to cover these with this cover.

As there were many tight or wear points additional reinforcing was added to the cover.
Shock cord and hooks were used to tension the cover to the trailer this allowed for keeping the cover taught yet allowing ease of fitting.

We created a cut out and separate cover for the anchor roller at the bow in order to keep the cover as tight as possible along the waist line

What were the results of the project?

The customer was extremely happy with the outcome and commented that it was such a good fit that he was sure it would be able to be used for towing with as well.