0800 Sunshade

Project name:  Heinz-Watties Shade Walls
Material used: MONOTEC 370
Fabric Supplied by:   Nu Range Products
Components Supplied by:   Anzor

What did the client request?

Our Client required a shading element as part of their contract at a local food processing plant and asked us.

To provide eleven vertical shade sails anchored to existing structure to shade beetroot that is loaded into the existing concrete bays. To be installed by two staff from Engineering and myself.

What is unique or complex about the project?

As this was a new fabric used by our manufacturing department we needed to carry out welding tests prior to starting.

What were the results of the project?

Customer is very happy as product achieved exactly what they hoped, produce is now shaded from the morning sun on eight bays on the east side of the structure and the three bays on the west side of the structure.

Installation was also achieved over two mornings saving Heinz Watties on plant shut down time and DSK Engineering staff and hire equipment on site.