Charman Motor Trimmers

Project name:  Pacific Island Water Taxi
Material used: ReClear Achilles PVC 1mm (Fire Retardant), Vinyl – Florida; Floor Carpet – Ribbed, Wall Carpet – Miami
Fabric Supplied by:   Reid and Twiname, W Wiggins Ltd, Autex
Components Supplied by:  YKK, Top Fab, W Wiggins Ltd

What did the client request?

The client had approached us about doing the full interior fit out for a custom built alloy boat that was to be commissioned as a Water Taxi in the Pacific Islands. The specifications were to line all of the walls, roof and Main cabin, custom make all seating with waterproof foam and marine vinyl, and custom make and install PVC clear blinds that fully enclosed the entirety of the deck.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The client had requested that the rear clear curtain must be fully removable, either in sections, or as a whole. Passengers would be using the stern to embark and disembark, so the rear clear curtain would be constantly zipped and unzipped. Therefore, the deck enclosure was designed in a way that the rigidity of the side curtains did not rely on tension from the rear curtain. In addition, all of the clear blinds need to be fastened to the hull in a way that was quick and easy to unfasten when rolling the blinds up during good weather, yet could still fasten in a way that held the blinds taut and tidy.

We were asked to make two sets of everything ­- two full sets of clear blinds, seat covers and floor coverings. Because the boat was a custom-built vessel to be used as a Water Taxi in the Pacific Islands, it would not be viable to bring the boat back to New Zealand for repairs. Every seat cover and clear blind had a duplicate made at the same time, so that in the case of damage or wear and tear, the operator can perform running repairs to keep the Taxi in operation. The floor coverings were designed to be removable to allow ease of cleaning, and again, in the case of damage, could be removed and replaced with the spare.

What were the results of the project?

The completed design provided a smart and practical solution in order for this boat to become a fully functional Water Taxi. The clear PVC blinds provided a logical means to enclose the deck and cabin in a way that was interchangeable dependent on climate and weather conditions, and the seating and flooring was made from robust, waterproof materials. The spare set of all covers, mats and blinds meant that the Taxi operator was able to repair or replace anything that was damaged themselves, due to their remote location and limited access to qualified marine upholsterers.

Is there any other relevant information?

The materials for the seating, carpeting and blinds were all chosen because they would stand up to the heavy use and constant foot traffic of a transport vessel. The seating was designed in a way that the individual back pads/seat squabs could be removed and recovered with the spare cover. The squabs and back pads were divided in to sections, rather than made as single, continuous panels, so that if the repairs/recovering took a little bit of time, the passenger area would be minimally affected if only a small section was missing versus an entire seat.