Hawkes Bay Trim & Canvas

Project name:  Wildflower         
Fabric used: N/A
Fabric Supplied by:  Reid & Twiname

What did the client request?

Our client had an electrical fire destroy the interior of his project car. He saw this as an opportunity to do something special with the new interior. We were tasked with designing and producing the new look and style of all the interior components.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The customer asked for us to change the shape and style of the seats and so we hand drew some designs based on what he asked. Finally a design was chosen and we commenced turning our visu

alization to reality. The front seat frames were cut down and the foam changed to suit what we had discussed, the rear seat frame was altered and foamed to match the fronts. They were

covered in black leather with a simple red stitching to break up the otherwise all black interior. All new door panels and parcel tray were marked out and cut. The design brief on the door cards was to be simple but not boring. We were able to produce a simple design with lines copied from the design on the exterior of the car stitched through the black leather. The boot was lined with panels and the same simple lines and black leather were carried through to there. The centre console and steering wheel were wrapped in the same black leather and red stitching. The carpet was patterned, cut and bound in leather. All together the only things not leather in this vehicle were the carpet itself and the headlining.

What were the results of the project?

The client was stoked, the seats were almost exactly how we had drawn them and the rest of the interior was just what he was after. simple but impressive. While this is a very special vehicle, he has since bought another project and he is talking of trimming that in the same style.