Dave Giddens Sailmakers

Project name:  Beachside Moneymaker
Fabric used: Ferrari 502S
Fabric Supplied by:   W. Wiggins

What did the client request?

Our style-conscious client had created a successful business, but further growth was prevented by the uncovered and very weather-dependent outdoor area to the side of their building. They desperately wanted waterproof and windproof cover for their exposed outdoor area; one than provided 100% coverage without compromising their seaside view, ambient light or sense of space.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Being a cafe/restaurant, a successful outcome was about maximising the outdoor area, thereby maximising the potential patronage.

The project complexity came in that the client wanted a retractable awning, but they also wanted 100% coverage of a trapezoidal outdoor area (more bums on seats!) To achieve this we not only had to take the shape of the area into account, but also the somewhat obtrusive but much-treasured palm trees that came up hard against the outside edge of the area to be covered.

Oh, and the roof had to be as high off the ground as possible – without looking silly…

What were the results of the project?

The final solution was far from straight-forward but appears both simple and elegant to the untrained eye. Each rafter and supporting post had to be manufactured to a different height/length prior to installation; two gutters including one that was “floating”/unsupported were also required; along with a fixed triangular section in the same fabric as the roof skin. Track-guided blinds that use a combination of mesh and clear PVC provide added protection from sun-strike. wind and rain.

The client has more than doubled their total capacity and provided a true beach-side feel, even during inclement weather. A true return-on-investment. Another measure of the success of this project is the regular request from our client for more business cards – he grows tired of writing down our number down for potential new clients!